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We brought back good old fashioned service. It’s not easy to find a Mechanic in your area that you can trust and rely on, and it’s even harder to get service without feeling like your an inconvenience! These days everyone seems too busy to factor in even 5 minutes to help out a local with a problem. A lot of effort goes into customer satisfaction in my workshop, listening to what you want and helping you make the right decision with your vehicle is one aspect, but also offering good advice and developing a trustworthy status is all in a days work! All you need to do is phone & thats it.

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M.A.C. Automotive is a Licensed Road Worthy Testing premises which means we can assess vehicles for Roadworthiness & conduct repairs to comply with Vicroads standards.  Pre-purchase inspections are also provided to help assess the overall condition & safety of vehicles to help with the decision when purchasing a new car. We can also give you a list of potential problems or repairs that would need to be rectified to make sure your car is safe & running correctly.


M.A.C. Automotive is able to carry out all kinds of services to all makes & models.  But it doesn’t stop there;  cars, 4wd’s, trucks, plant equipment big or small, we have the resources to conduct whatever is required to maintain & repair almost anything.  Oil changes, general maintenance & repairs, fleet servicing, with an experienced qualified mechanic to ensure all jobs are done correctly. 

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M.A.C. Automotive has an extensive range of diagnostic equipment to find faults & rectify problems with minimum downtime.  Equipment like ignition coil tester, fuel pump, cooling system & other various pressure gauges, engine leak down & special tools, to the latest software scan tool.  Further more we have a close relationship access to auto electricians, panel beaters, spray painters, tyre fitters, exhaust fitters, wheel aligners & component testing companies to all help with diagnosis.


M.A.C. Automotive can help with upgrading components to your car to give you more power, better handling, reliable braking, improved clutch application & more efficient cooling system operations.  If you have a particular request or just a general enquiry we are here to help you & offer advice.

Upgrades on Nissan GTR skyline R32, R33 & R34.
Nissan GT upgrade


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